About Word of Life

The "Word of Life" Bible Correspondence Courses are non-denominational and are distributed worldwide through the Cross-Cultural Ministry of Revelation Ministries in Sydney.

The course was established to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with our Muslim neighbors. This ministry has helped over 1,600 students in the last decade to learn more about Christianity.

All the courses have been written to suit the mindset of a Muslim person but would be helpful for everyone. They are supplied FREE worldwide. After students complete each series of lessons, a Certificate will be awarded to them.

Our courses are based on the books of the Bible. Our aim is to show who Jesus is and tell the truth to people around the world, specially to our Muslim friends, that Jesus Christ loves them and has died for them.


Details provided as part of enrollment are confidential and will not be used for any other purpose than to send lessons. They will not be sent to any other organaization unless it is a course requested by the pupil which is administered by another group (such as the Moore College courses).

For any questions please Contact Us

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